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puzzle bubble
The unforgettable puzzle bubble shooter, since 1994 we just cant stop playing it. also known as puzzle bobble, but seriously, who cares! so go in and smash those bubbles!
puzzle bubble
bubble struggle
Every good game have a better sequence, and this time, it's a big bubble struggle. This amazing bubble game continues with more options available.

Bubble Shooter

This game is not supporting Mobile . How ever you can download for FREE for your mobile easily:
For Android follow this link
For Iphone follow this link

The legendary bubble shooter game. It's not too complicated. All you need to do is aim with mouse and try to shoot the bubble to the right direction towards a bubble from the same color. This game considers one of the most played online games ever. It can amuse you whenever, while you are at work, while you are bored or while you waiting. The game may look simple on first look, but only experienced users know how excite this game is. So go on, try to break new bubble shooter records. Great game. Have fun!


bubble trouble

Very addictive give, make sure you have some spare time before clicking on the bubble trouble game icon. the first in the series. play and shoot those bubbles, before you'll get some bubble trouble!


Bloons it's an amazing game, honestly it's balloons game and not bubbles game. But they are both round, so we figured.. Anyway once you start playing it, you can't leave it alone. Go on, shoot those bubbles\bloons away.

speedy bubbles

Very fast puzzle bubble shooter game, there are 4 options. Choose one and start popping bubbles. great bubble game, but for a bit more expert users. if you think you got it, take a shoot in the game.

Jungle Shooter

A cool puzzle bubble shooter game, this time you shoot the bubbles right into the jungle. Each color worth a different score. start playing and use your bubble head to get the best score that you can. Its definitely a recommended puzzle bubble game.

puzzle bubble soccer

Great Puzzle bubble game, if you are into soccer you will love this game. well here you are literally shoot the bubbles with your foot. You pickup an international team to start the game and go all the way until you win the puzzle bubble world cup.

Bubble Pop

What's better then popping bubbles? Think you're good in popping? go on and try to pop as much as bubbles as you can in this highly addictive game, may the puzzle bubble god be with you!


Bubblooba has a great idea in it, you shoot the bubbles from the side of the screen. This puzzle bubble shooter game have an option for 2 players at the same time. The aim is to shoot the bubbles fast so you can push the wall to your opponent side.

bubble spinner

well that's a wild puzzle bubble shooter game, with bubble spinner you shoot from the upper side of the screen. every bubble you shoot, spin the middle bubbles circle to a different direction. bubble spinner is addictive.. we are warning you!


Advanced puzzle bubble game, faster, longer, and holds a lot of twists. this bubble shooter game worth a try. beware though, it's really unexpected. give this bubble shooter a try.

bongo balls

Guess what? you are a gorilla, in the middle of the island, and there are bubbles all over the place. again guess what? yup, you need to shoot them as fast as you can, before the bubbles will make it to the other side. we love this bubble shooter game

funny bubbles

Crazy version of puzzle bubble game, ever thought about shooting a frog instead of a bubble? well here you can.. need to match 3 animals in this amazing addition to the original bubble shooter game.
Bubble Woobies
Play Bubbles, but this time instead of bubbles your are going to play with little cute Woobies. Really recommended game for all ages
Obama Bubbles
You are Yeti, the snow creature. but this time instead of freezing, you need to shoot all the bubbles, its very similar to the classic bubble shooter game, just colder.
Obama Bubbles
Join Hillary and Obama while they are making there way to the White house, shooting bubbles. Win this puzzle bubble game, Win the elections!
If you love Ben 10, you are more then welcome in our site. it's not a puzzle bubble game but it's a great game. Ben 10 going on a new adventure, this time underwater!