Tips for Bubble Shooter

The number of bubble game fans are increasing potentially and the reason is simple. We love the fun and excitement that we get from these games. One of the most popular bubble games is bubble shooter and if you love playing bubble shooter, there are few things you need to know in order to score high in these games. While playing bubble shooter we often forget a few important things which prevent us from scoring as high as we might want to. We will try to find out why we miss out on scoring high and try to figure out ways to undone the problem and we will make sure that next time when you play the game you end up with high scores.

Often trying to score high we concentrate so much on the triplet, we tend to overlook the lower level bubbles. In the process we, end up losing the game scoring less points than we could score. If you want to score high, you need to go for the mega points. But to do that, you need to keep the lower level bubbles clear so that when you have a chance to shoot down the bubbles with big points, the lower level bubbles do not create any obstacles. There are some other techniques as well that can help you to score high.

Bubble puzzle games are easy in a sense that, these are not as complex as some other computer games. The simplicity o this game makes it possible for almost anyone to make good scores. So if you want to score higher than other, it can turn out to be a stronger challenge than you can think. But if you follow the tips properly and abide by the techniques, you will have a good chance of making it to the top.


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